Chemical Handling, Storage and Processing Equipment

Chemical Processing Equipment

No More Down Time

Chemical manufacturing is expensive and challenging. Your operation needs to run on time without interruption. Limit down time due to repair or maintenance with ShakerMann’s durable, over-built chemical handling, storage and processing equipment.

Built for Durability and Customization

Our engineers have modelled and tested every component of our machines to know they are the strongest in the industry. Get shaker screens, conveyors and bucket elevators built to the specs you need, and certain to last as long as your operation.

Bucket Elevator Motor

Features That Impress

Open Concept Design

Open Concept Design

Allows material to flow easily through our equipment as intended, and offers easy access for inspection and cleaning.

Safety Covers and Finishings

Safety-minded finishings

Well-tested and durable covers over motors, wiring and pinch points to meet a high standard of safety.

Shaker Screen Super Hanger

ShakerMann Super Hanger

Our Super Hanger is the strongest in the industry, up to 8.3 times stronger than off-the-shelf U-joints.