Grain Handling, Storage And Processing Equipment

Shakermann Grain

The Right Tools For Grain Processing

Grain is a unique material that comes with considerable dust and chaff. It’s not easy to find equipment that can keep pace with your operation without breaking down or jamming up. But, ShakerMann screen decks and conveyor systems are engineered to work with difficult material.

Consistency And Reliability Are Built In

ShakerMann grain handling, storage and processing equipment is expertly engineered and over-built to work under challenging conditions. With an open concept design, it’s easy for material to flow through our equipment, and easy to service and maintain. We custom-build each machine to the specs our clients need, designing each part to the specific material to be processed.

Shakermann Grain

Features That Impress

Open Concept Design

Open Concept Design

Allows material to flow easily through our equipment as intended, and offers easy access for inspection and cleaning.

Shaker Screen Deck Options

Custom Deck Sizing

Work with our engineers to build the right screen mesh sizing and deck spacing for your specific material.

Safety Covers and Finishings

Safety-minded finishings

Well-tested and durable covers over motors, wiring and pinch points to meet a high standard of safety.