Mining Handling, Storage and Processing Equipment

Mining Processing Equipment

Meeting Mining Needs

Mining equipment must measure up to the highest safety and performance standards. Any down time or loss of operational capacity means valuable time gone. That’s why ShakerMann builds all our equipment with durability and safety as our highest priorities.

Built For Speed and Durability

ShakerMann produces material handling, storage and processing equipment built to work as hard as you need. From single and multi deck shaker screen designs, to scalping decks, to conveyor systems and bucket elevators, we’ve built it, tested it, and proved its durability.

Safety Features

Features That Impress

Safety Covers and Finishings

Safety-minded finishings

Well-tested and durable covers over motors, wiring and pinch points to meet a high standard of safety.

Shaker Screen Deck Options

Custom Deck Sizing

Work with our engineers to build the right screen mesh sizing and deck spacing for your specific material.

Silicone Cleaning Ball

Self Cleaning Mechanism

Zero manual cleaning is required with our engineered bouncing ball cleaning system.