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Refurbished Parts

Replace or refurbish?

When your material storage, handling or processing equipment reaches its end of life, you have a choice: replace the worn out equipment or refurbish it to operational order.

When you’re working hard to minimize costs and keep the equipment you love and know, refurbishing is your best bet. This will ensure the structural integrity and smooth operation of your system in the most cost-effective manner. With refurbishing, you avoid the expense of a complete replacement or the risk of introducing untested equipment into your operation.

The refurbishing process

When, despite your best efforts, equipment is damaged, you can rely on ShakerMann to refurbish the compromised equipment quickly and cost-effectively.

Step One

Take your damaged equipment out of commission right away to protect the integrity of your system. Ensure the affected area is cleared of all materials. We can provide guidance for minimizing disruption to your operations.

Step Two

Send us the equipment with all related parts and components for refurbishing.

Step Three

We will painstakingly refurbish, test, and refinish your damaged equipment.

Step Four

We will ship back your operation-ready equipment and can provide install support if necessary.

Refurbish processing and material handling equipment

ShakerMann’s refurbishing expertise

Refurbishing equipment is a process you would only want to trust to experts. With over 40 combined years of engineering experience and over 30 combined years of fabrication experience, expertise is exactly what ShakerMann promises.

You can trust us to determine precisely how your operational flow works to ensure we enhance your operations. Leveraging cutting edge technologies, we will eliminate errors from our process to eliminate downtime from yours.

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